Lisa Batchelder

Facilitator, Writer/Artist & Creative Chief Officer of Coddiwomple Queen

From her first book at age seven as a truck driver who roamed the world with five cats looking for adventure, Lisa has always been an artist and human who plays in the intersection between real life, humor, and awareness. With experience as a corporate communications facilitator/coach, educator, writer/artist/speaker, and parent, she is devoted to do her part in shaping a more inclusive, curious world. With this purpose, Lisa created Coddiwomple Queen, providing space and play — especially in times of change.


“Not a day goes by when I don’t have a conversation or see media surrounding a sudden reality shift — a break up, death or paralyzing diagnosis that leaves people to navigate change a bit starry eyed and daunted. When the order of our day-to-day no longer serves (often mid life), it usually takes an explosion of great magnitude so it can rebuild. The sad reality, most people (kids too) get lost or worse hardened, dodging the fallout with angry texts, invisible boo boos and extra glasses of wine. It’s when thinking covers up feeling because you’re not sure you want to feel again. And in the end after thousands of “trying to get it right” moments, realize, that curiosity heals a whole lot faster than advice. Having been there myself, I am dedicated to fostering space and play so the heart can brave what often feels insurmountable in order to fully live in a way in which villains and saints need not apply, being human is plenty.”

Blessed with two beautiful boys and one ragamuffin dog, Lisa has come to appreciate how much we learn in the moment and utilizes this in her speaking and writing. As her favorite author, Mark Twain, best put it,

“A man who carries a cat by the tail, learns something, he could learn in no other way.”

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